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Katie, Postpartum Steam Client

"Jade is a gift. Her presence is calming and grounding. She is wise and kind and whole heartedly present. In a time when you don’t really know what you need Jade provided empathy, support and care that was both so incredibly gentle and necessary. I cannot recommend her enough to be a part of your pregnancy and postpartum journey."


Anne Shultz, Postpartum & Steam Client

"It’s difficult to pinpoint a favorite part of my postpartum healing work with Jade. Primarily, it was her ability to refocus the energy of the moment on me and my healing process no matter what else was going on around us. This was what I needed most and I’m sure she could see that. She listened with compassion and sincerity, helped me laugh, held me when I needed to cry all while tending to the laundry and the dishes. My water bottle was always full, my voice was always heard and supported and my body was tenderly and respectfully cared for. Jade brings a truly unique, informed and loving energy to her work and it can be felt in a deep and healing way.

I have already recommended Jade to two of my friends who are expecting this summer. I would also say that Jade can meet you wherever you're at, that she's reliable, on time, organized and knowledgeable. She brings with her a lifetime study of the body, the mind and the spirit as well as so much updated information on full-spectrum client engagement. She takes her work seriously and treats everyone with respect and care."


Tiva, Birth & Postpartum Client

"My favorite part of working with Jade was the calm presence she brought to our birth. She never seemed stressed. Having Jade as our birth and postpartum doula was an unexpected blessing. Jade was able to sense what both mom and dad needed during labor and birth. Jade was there with us during the days following the birth of our daughter to help around the house and prepare us a meal. It was nice to have someone to listen to my postpartum experiences and help me through the emotions that follow a birth. She quickly became an important part of our family and we will use her services with our next baby."


Cassie O., Birth & Postpartum Client

"Working with Jade helped relieve so many of my worries of giving birth. Her calm demeanor and knowledge of helpful resources really helped me."


Amanda + Tyler, Birth & Postpartum Clients

"My family and I were so thankful to have Jade's support before, during and after the birth of our first baby. We had so many questions about birthing options and Jade walked us through all of our options before the birth and also while we were at the hospital. She was by my side during the whole labor (more than 24 hours) and provided me with emotional and physical support (I don't know how I would have got through the night without her!).


Jade was also an amazing postpartum doula. When she would come over, I was able to finally get some rest, get organized or get a pelvic steam, which was amazing. Again, filled with knowledge about the postpartum process, she was able to answer any questions I had and be there for me as I healed. I am forever thankful we had Jade be there as a part of our birth story."

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