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I strive in all areas of my offerings to provide care and education that is culturally-aware, trauma-informed, inclusive, diverse, compassionate, and communicative. As a Person/Woman of Many Colors, I walk in many circles and hold space for many experiences and identities, especially for those families who are of mixed heritage as I am. I believe that a deep comfort and connection is what matters most between a birth worker and the families and individuals that they serve, and I am a great match for anyone of any identity looking to have their experiences held in both practical and sacred ways.



Birth + Postpartum Services

If birth is a ceremony, then postpartum is the integration time, a moment to let the experience sink in, the family adjust to a new member and schedule, and the body, mind and spirit recover from guiding new life into the world. For too long the postpartum time has gone unspoken and unacknowledged, and for this reason all of my packages include postpartum care.


Birth Support + Postpartum Healing Package

The full package! Practical planning and spiritual understanding for your birth experience, in addition to prenatal planning for postpartum + 12 hrs of postpartum care.

  • Prenatal sessions to build your toolbox for the birth experience

  • Prenatal planning for your healing and recovery experience

  • 24/7 on-call support from 38-42 weeks

  • A backup doula to ensure your labor is supported no matter what arises

  • Nourishing broths and teas in the postpartum window

  • Therapeutic touch and pelvic steam sessions for rest and recovery

  • Additional postpartum hours available for purchase

Postpartum Healing Package

Comprehensive care for a nourished postpartum experience in your first forty days and beyond. Prenatal planning + 12 hrs of postpartum care.

  • Prenatal planning for your healing and recovery experience

  • Nourishing broths and teas in the postpartum window

  • Therapeutic touch and pelvic steam sessions for rest and recovery

  • Additional postpartum hours available for purchase (many families find that between 24-36 hrs of postpartum support is very supportive and facilitates an easier transition for the whole family)

Postpartum Overnight Support

At times, it is the lack of sleep of new parenthood and the demands of a newborn that really challenge a family. Overnight support can make a huge difference by allowing the birthing person and support person(s) to get some connected sleep and feel more like your strong and capable selves.

  • 24 hrs split up into three 8-hr overnights

  • Emotional support for parents (and daytime phone support available)

  • Feeding support for chestfed and formula-fed newborns

  • Light chores around the house

*As this type of postpartum support is the most demanding on a doula, I offer Overnight Support depending on the demands of my schedule each season. Please book a call with me to discuss this service and my availability.


Healing after Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Release of a Pregnancy

Just like our joys and triumphs, our grief and loss deserve space and honor for the part they play in our story. Loss support can be many different things, and these services are tailored to your unique experience. Physiologically, the body is in a state of postpartum after a loss and there are teas and herbal steams that can facilitate the body’s healing and return to a non-pregnancy state. The idea here is not to “fix” anything, but to nourish the needs of your body and hold space for the needs of your mind and spirit.


Loss Support

I will work with you to design a care plan that feels nourishing and helpful to you, which can include:

  • Pelvic steam sessions to support the uterus

  • Nourishing broths and teas to support the body’s healing

  • Rituals for remembrance and grieving

  • Compassionate and gentle space-holding for anything that comes up for you during this time

$585 (sliding scale available)



Facilitating Womb Wellness and a Healthy Menstrual Cycle

Pelvic or Yoni Steam is the application of herbal steam to the pelvic area, usually by placing a hot pot of steeped herbs under a steam stool or chair so that the recipient can sit above the steam and allow it to bathe the pelvic region. Found in ancestral healing modalities around the world, pelvic steam is most commonly used to facilitate postpartum healing, but can also be used to facilitate a general womb cleanse and support a healthy and pain-free menstrual cycle. Steaming can help with a large host of gynaecological concerns, including:

  • Painful periods

  • PMS symptoms

  • Heavy flow

  • Birth injuries

  • Postpartum healing (including after miscarriage)

  • Prolapse

  • Menopausal dryness

  • Infections

  • Fibroids

  • Endometriosis & PCOS


Each menstruating person’s body is different and calls for different herbs and a unique steaming plan. Book a complimentary consultation with me to discuss how pelvic steaming can address your pelvic concerns.


Initial Steam Consult for Menstrual Health


Follow-up Sessions - $35/session

or a 3-month steam package available - $270


Initial Steam Consult for Postpartum Healing


Pricing of Follow-up Sessions depends on the needs of your postpartum experience. Please book a call with me to discuss your postpartum steaming needs.



Workshops for Alignment with Inner and Outer Cycles

I am also very passionate about womb wellness, menstrual education, and pelvic and emotional health, and regularly offer workshops and courses in partnership with various organizations dedicated to community wellness. Please see my Workshops + Courses page for more information on these offerings.

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