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My Story

I bring to the birth space a huge love and respect for culture, language, and traditions from around the world. Part of that passion flows in my blood; my heritage includes the Philippines, China, Turkey, Wales, Spain, and the Jewish Sephardim.


Born and raised in Corrales, NM, I was also shaped by my family’s regular travels to Polynesia, Brazil and around the United States, and consider myself equally influenced by the mountains of New Mexico, the blue waters of O’ahu, and the warmth and color of Brasília. I have lived abroad in Brazil and Spain, worn out my Converse on the cobblestones of Europe, and brought home with me as souvenirs a love for and fluency in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.


I am honored to be of service to my community in the full sphere of holistic reproductive/human wellness, and to be practicing in the beautiful Rio Grande Valley long cared for by the Tiwa people of Sandia and Isleta Pueblos.


My Approach

When people ask me about birth work, I like to say that I’m here to talk with people about everything we’re not usually comfortable talking about:  our bodies, our blood, our emotions, fear and loss, sex and sexuality, deep wounds and deep healing, ancestral trauma and grief, the thoughts that we are ashamed of and the worries that keep us up at night. Pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum are also full of joy and celebration, but in an appearance-focused world where we rarely scratch below the surface, I’m here to support my clients and my community through all shades of these experiences, no matter how messy or wonderful they turn out.


The experiences and stories that we live in the reproductive continuum are ceremonies, and ceremonies must be properly cared for, properly opened and closed, to facilitate our thriving health and the thriving wellness of our communities.

My Training

In addition to my Labor Doula and Postpartum Doula training completed with Abby Bordner of CAPPA, I am a Full Spectrum Doula proudly certified by Sabia Wade and JB Brown of Birthing Advocacy, and have also received my Peristeam Facilitator Certification from Keli Garza of the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute. Since 2007 I have been a member of The Tracking Project’s Nurturing the Roots Mentor Network and stand proudly with our global community of artists and educators, of indigenous and non-indigenous heritage, bringing this methodology to a diversity of fields on the 6 habitable continents.

  • Certified Full Spectrum Doula (Birthing Advocacy) - 2020 June/October Cohorts

  • Labor Doula Training (CAPPA) - June 2020

  • Postpartum Doula Training (CAPPA) - May 2020

  • Double BA in International Studies/Spanish, minor in Portuguese, concentrations in Sustainability & Latin America (University of New Mexico) - graduated 2017

  • Nurturing the Roots Community Mentor Program (The Tracking Project) - certified June 2007

  • What is a Full Spectrum Doula?
    Full Spectrum Doulas are trained to support all pathways to parenthood, and all outcomes of reproduction: birth (home, birth center, hospital, C-section, vaginal, VBAC, etc.), postpartum, adoption, surrogacy, IVF and IUI, miscarriage and stillbirth, abortion, and more. A comprehensive Full Spectrum education will also train their doulas within a framework of reproductive justice. To read more about my training and certification with Birthing Advocacy, head to the About Me page and/or visit the Birthing Advocacy Doula Directory.
  • How do you support partners?
    I respect and honor your partner(s) as an important part of your support team and also as an individual with their own feelings, experiences and needs on your shared journey to parenthood. I stay sensitive to their needs as well as the birthing person’s needs, and at every step of the process, facilitate our harmonious teamwork for your family to have the most loving and empowered experience possible.
  • How long have you been practicing?
    I started working as a doula and also achieved my pelvic steam certification in September 2020. Please head to the About Me page to read more about my training and experience.
  • How do I book you?
    Please head to my contact page and select a date on the calendar for a complimentary consultation about the services you are interested in receiving.
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