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Information overload is real, and Google is not always your best friend when you need high-quality answers for your transformative experiences! Here I have compiled some of the most requested and most useful resources I have come across in my practice so far.

For Birth

BADT Directory - dope doulas and childbirth educators.

Queer Doula Network - national/international directory of queer doulas.

Birth Smarter - pay-what-you-can childbirth education and parenting support groups.

Evidence Based Birth - a great resource for scientific research on birth topics.

Malawi's House - birth supplies & postpartum care essentials.

Ladybird Physical Therapy - a multitude of resources for birth & postpartum planning and healing from a physical therapy perspective.

Birth Fit - safe and effective strength and conditioning training. throughout the motherhood transition.

Changing Woman Initiative - midwife and doula services for indigenous birthers in northern NM.

Tewa Women United - health, reproduction and doula services for indigenous communities in northern NM.

Love Over Fear Wellness - affirming and expansive resources for LGBTQIA+ experiences in the childbearing continuum.

For Postpartum

NM Pelvic Health - an Albuquerque-based pelvic floor specialist.

La Matriz Birth - traditional Mexican partera & resource for postpartum herbal support and belly binding.

Innate Traditions - global directory of postpartum practitioners with in-depth training in the physiologic needs of postpartum.

For Parenting, Baby Wearing & Feeding

Le Leche League - breast/chestfeeding support.

Adriane Stare - babywearing expertise.

Nic Strack - bespoke parenting coach.

Untigering - resources for the deconstruction of familial conditioning from an Asian American perspective.

Rooted Baby Co - African-inspired baby items.

For Womb Wellness

Heavy Flow - book and podcast by Amanda Laird covering a variety of womb-related topics.

Ashé Living - courses and services for womb liberation.

Steamy Chick - pelvic steaming resources and training.

Full Moon Fertility - Anishinaabe Fertility Awareness Method Educator.

Cycles Journal - a beautiful journal to support your cycle tracking.

For Birthworkers

Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings - radically loving and anti-racist education for doulas, childbirth educators, crisis response, business essentials & more.

Whole Body Pregnancy - postpartum training “rooted in ritual and ceremony and honoring”.

Self Study Lab - tools for heart-centered projects and initiatives.

Worts & Cunning - resources for alternative pricing models and how to make them work for your unique business.

Let's Work Together

If you enjoy these resources and would like to work with me, please head to my Offerings page and book a call with me!

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