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The Jade Doula

Honoring Life’s Ceremonies

The Jade Doula offers full spectrum services for birth & postpartum, menstruation & womb health, and loss or release of a pregnancy. She draws on the wisdom of our collective ancestors to care for your whole being, hold space for your unique story, and lovingly support your transformative experiences.


About Me

Hi, I’m Jade Stokes (she/they), full spectrum doula and pelvic steam practitioner. I was born and raised on Tiwa Territory, also known as Albuquerque, NM, and am honored to be of service to the communities of the greater Albuquerque area and Santa Fe.

As a Full Spectrum Doula and Person/Woman of Many Colors, I am a great match for folks of all colors seeking to be held in both practical and sacred ways through a variety of reproductive experiences.




Comprehensive, whole-being care for birth experiences + postpartum healing.

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Practical and ritual care for healing after miscarriage, stillbirth & abortion.



 Herbal steam sessions to support womb wellness and a healthy menstrual cycle.




Workshops for personal alignment with inner and outer cycles.

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My Offerings

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  • What is a Full Spectrum Doula?
    Full Spectrum Doulas are trained to support all pathways to parenthood, and all outcomes of reproduction: birth (home, birth center, hospital, C-section, vaginal, VBAC, etc.), postpartum, adoption, surrogacy, IVF and IUI, miscarriage and stillbirth, abortion, and more. A comprehensive Full Spectrum education will also train their doulas within a framework of reproductive justice. To read more about my training and certification with Birthing Advocacy, head to the About Me page and/or visit the Birthing Advocacy Doula Directory.
  • How do you support partners?
    I respect and honor your partner(s) as an important part of your support team and also as an individual with their own feelings, experiences and needs on your shared journey to parenthood. I stay sensitive to their needs as well as the birthing person’s needs, and at every step of the process, facilitate our harmonious teamwork for your family to have the most loving and empowered experience possible.
  • How long have you been practicing?
    I started working as a doula and also achieved my pelvic steam certification in September 2020. Please head to the About Me page to read more about my training and experience.
  • How do I book you?
    Please head to my contact page and select a date on the calendar for a complimentary consultation about the services you are interested in receiving.
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